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I love how this came with instructions and that's really helpful I also love the game but the first time I ended up with ending E but I loved it so much keep up the great work

I just played through the game, it was neat little experience. The beginning was quite challenging until I finally used my resorts more sparingly. I liked the progress of power Lenora goes through as the game goes on, where the hunted becomes the hunter. I thought the grandma would have been the true villain but that would be too cliche.

Just finished playing through this and got the S ending. This is such a gem, was a joy to play! Beautiful music, art-style, and the story was lovely. Thanks.

HOW COME EVERY SHORT STORY I FIND TAKES SOO MUCH STORAGE?! Buuut I liked it very much! The colors fits the atmosphere and I love the art!


Wow.  Just... wow. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started playing this game, but it left me pleasantly surprised. I loved the music, the art, the effects, and most especially: the story. I just found it completely amazing, and I like that I got Ending S on this 1st run. And all the endings are so... wow. 

I loved this. It is amazing.


can you please make a Mac book version, this game looks fun.


Agreed! I would love to play this game but I only have a mac :(

I am trying to download this using the app, and I cannot seem to get it to work.

It just immediately goes to install and then cancels.

idk what to do

help plez


You cannot use the app because the game is hosted on a different website; you will have to download it manually through the website. The game is also not compatible with mobile phones.

Just an update, the itchio app works fine now and no longer has an external file host thing ;)

Very late reply, but hopefully this helps somebody in the future:

I still had a hiccup launching after installing with the app where I got a "The requested operation requires escalation" error.

This is probably more of a workaround, but running the setup.exe manually to install the game files into the same folder, and then removing setup.exe made it work with the app.  Removing setup.exe afterward was important because otherwise it would keep trying to run that as the game.


I really like this game and I think it is beautiful <3

also, I have a question.

Which game-making engine did you use to make it?

I think it is RPG maker 2003 but I'm not sure

rpg maker 2003 is what they say on their user page, yep

Love Huntress of Hollow. Will there ever be a spin-off or another game?

I downloaded the game, but I don't know how to unzip it. For some reason it just keeps opening in "EndNote".

When I downloaded games in the past, I usually right-click and go to extract all to move it to another folder, but that option doesn't come up for some reason :(

I really want to play this game too, the design really intrigues me.

It might be an issue with your computer settings, it sounds like. The game files are .rar, so make sure your computer can unzip .rar files, or make sure the program you're using is capable of doing it. If not, I suggest using WinRar to unzip it!

Thanks for the help! I tried downloading other games, and it's happening with all of them, so I think it must be something with my own computer.  I'm sure I'll figure out something!

this is an awesome game! them plot twists tho

This is just amazing according to the reviews,I personally think it is amazing too,one problem. I can't download it. Whenever I try too,it just never starts downloading.


Hey ! I had the same problem, you need to check your browser parameters, and allow the pop-up pages ! Have a nice day !

I loved this small game so much !

I did a Let's Play about it & I'll probably try to get all the endings pretty soon !

that was a really cool game! :O

only thing I would have liked:
Some special kind of save files so that after finding an ending, I could go back to that one certain choice there and replay from there on.

like for example with the choice to either stay in the hut or follow the huntsman.

if I followed him and played everything that followed after that choice and got all the endings on that path, it would be great if I could, just like in a level menu, go back to the point where I was to make that choice in the hut.

so I could replay from there, just going the other path.

As it is, if I don't have a really old savefile from back then left, I'm essentially f'cked and would have to replay the game up to that point.

which I won't do cause I doubt that something too special would happen.

Since I already found the most interesting ending with the extra room there :-)

Hi! I got a problem while playing this game. After leaving Grandma house and got into a fight with wolf, this error pop up. So how can I fix this? 

Btw your game is really interesting, I like it <3

I wish it was available for the mac :((

Deleted 2 years ago

SAME!! I'm so sad :(((

the game has a page on rpgmaker dot net, at least there i was available to download the game :D

thanks broski!

Great job with this game! I really enjoyed the aesthetics. Details like the colors and music changing as you progressed deeper had me completely immersed. I would love to see another game of yours! 

Simply put this is a fantastic game, the art design is cute and very well done, the music is fantastic I especially liked the battle music! 

I had a lot of fun playing through the game, usually when it comes to games with multiple endings I just play through to one ending, but with this game I decided to play through to as many as I could as I really enjoyed what the story had to offer. 

I can tell a lot of love and effort was put into this game, it really shows when you go to play it, also I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes to you, I hope you keep making games as I would love to play anything and everything you have to offer.

I played your game, and I absolutely loved it! I thought the colour scheme was great, and the story was good too!

Here's the first part of my let's play if anyone's interested :)

I played this quite a while ago (its been so long and it's always stuck with me), but I just saw it again and wanted to say that this game is great! I absolutely loved this game. Each individual story is great, and it's both beautiful and chilling at all the right moments. Personally, one of the most enjoyable games that's been created from this engine. Great work!

Was this made in VX Ace?

It was made in rm2k3!

What's that?

Rpg maker 2003 :)

Darn xD thouhg it was in VX Ace.

If it were in VX Ace I could of ported it over to MV.

I had a ton of fun with this! My first ending was E: Game Over. Whoops. But I got the S Ending after that, and it was excellent! I'm truly happy I downloaded this. Thank you so much for making it and doing such a great job with it.

I'm drawing fan art of this


It won't let me download the game. I'm using the downloaded version of too, so I don't know how to enable pop ups!

Sry for any bad grammar

I would love to play this, but it won't download?


Check to see if your browser is blocking popups! That's what happened to me the first time I tried to download (since it's an external download from Mediafire, not

Thanks it works now!

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