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Lenora Calamint lives with her mother in a small village called Pokeweed Hollow on the outskirts of a forest. She often delivers food to her stubborn grandmother, who prefers to live alone in the woods. While the forest is a dangerous place full of wolves, the village and her grandmother's house were peaceful.

However, once a travelling, charismatic hunter decided to settle near the village and offered to protect it, the local wolves became mysteriously violent and began to attack the village in erratic bursts of activity. Due to these events, some villagers praise the hunter for his help in keeping the wolves out of their homes. The others can't help but think there's something suspicious about the matter. Despite it all, Lenora still has a grandmother to take care of, and so she wakes up to begin her routine of visiting her grandmother anew.

Play This Game If You Like:

  • 100% original graphics
  • Dialogue-heavy narration and storylines
  • Quick games that complete in 1hr or under
  • Female protagonists
  • Multiple endings
  • Unnecessary sprint and crawl toggle mechanics that are fun anyway so sure whatever
  • Pokemon Yellow-inspired color palettes
  • Western fairytale retellings that don't have too much grimdark
  • The color pink
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Install instructions

The download is hosted on mediafire: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE POPUPS ENABLED!

After downloading, unzip the game into its own folder. Instructions on playing the game are in the Read Me file in the main folder. To run the game, double-click on rpg_rt.exe inside the main folder.

If the game says it's "missing the RTP", download and run the version that says (with RTP) in the title and try running that instead. The game should not require owning rpgmaker 2k3 to play.


The Huntress of the Hollow v1.2
The Huntress of the Hollow v1.2 (with RTP)


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Won't download?

played your game and loved it, also made a gameplay on my youtube chanel

here´s the link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCAJvLxkPaE

you cant get this to work with the itch client

I had a ton of fun with this! My first ending was E: Game Over. Whoops. But I got the S Ending after that, and it was excellent! I'm truly happy I downloaded this. Thank you so much for making it and doing such a great job with it.

I'm drawing fan art of this

I'm not sure how to download this , Help?


It won't let me download the game. I'm using the downloaded version of itch.io too, so I don't know how to enable pop ups!

Sry for any bad grammar

I would love to play this, but it won't download?


Check to see if your browser is blocking popups! That's what happened to me the first time I tried to download (since it's an external download from Mediafire, not itch.io).

Thanks it works now!