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Lenora Calamint lives with her mother in a small village called Pokeweed Hollow on the outskirts of a forest. She often delivers food to her stubborn grandmother, who prefers to live alone in the woods. While the forest is a dangerous place full of wolves, the village and her grandmother's house were peaceful.

However, once a travelling, charismatic hunter decided to settle near the village and offered to protect it, the local wolves became mysteriously violent and began to attack the village in erratic bursts of activity. Due to these events, some villagers praise the hunter for his help in keeping the wolves out of their homes. The others can't help but think there's something suspicious about the matter. Despite it all, Lenora still has a grandmother to take care of, and so she wakes up to begin her routine of visiting her grandmother anew.

Play This Game If You Like:

  • 100% original graphics
  • Dialogue-heavy narration and storylines
  • Quick games that complete in 1hr or under
  • Female protagonists
  • Multiple endings
  • Unnecessary sprint and crawl toggle mechanics that are fun anyway so sure whatever
  • Pokemon Yellow-inspired color palettes
  • Western fairytale retellings that don't have too much grimdark
  • The color pink
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The Huntress of the Hollow Easy Download 310 MB

Install instructions

The download is hosted on mediafire: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE POPUPS ENABLED!

After downloading, unzip the game into its own folder. Instructions on playing the game are in the Read Me file in the main folder. To run the game, double-click on rpg_rt.exe inside the main folder.

If the game says it's "missing the RTP", download and run the version that says (with RTP) in the title and try running that instead. The game should not require owning rpgmaker 2k3 to play.


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-Made a Video.

"Loved this game a lot! The art & even just the color choices alone already made me like it. The music is also pretty good to listen to, the one in the red forest (forget the name of it) is probably my favorite."

ill play this again hahahha cuz its so cute

PLS make it available for mac. i'll blesss u and give u virtual hugs. this game seems super interesting I would love to play it. but I can't, help a sistah out pretty  pls developer-san 馃挆馃挅馃挆馃挅馃挆

Very good game! A fascinating spin on Little Red Riding Hood. The gameplay was pretty simple and fun. The characters were interesting. The art/aesthetic was fantastic! One of my favorite parts of a game is its aesthetic, and this was really neat. I loved the twists and turns throughout the story too. You did great with the writing, and the true ending was fantastic (and surprisingly difficult to get based off logical choices). 

Reminded me a little bit of Grimm's Hollow, and Lenora's art kind of reminded me of Madeline from Celeste.

I remember playing this game during 2020 summer! It was short, but fun, and the graphics are adorable! Reminds me of Grimm's Hollow!

Did you make it with RPGM2k3? 

fantastic art!!!

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so impressive! i love the the colour choice, game mechanics and how all the characters are fleshed out! 


i assume that cayne and avel are meant to resemble cain and abel? if so, sneaky choice!! haha

I did not catch this until now. That definitely has to be on purpose! Props to the creator for that.

It is quite the pleasure to see thee again; I had feared that after fleshchild's cancellation, you had stepped down from your role as a developer; I am glad I was wrong.


Is fun that in 'Play this game if you like' they (sorry i don't know fi they use he/she) added 'The color pink' XD


cayne... hot. not in huntsman form tho

I love the music! Cute game, great art.


I really liked this, ngl at the beginning where she begins hunting, it threw me off because I kept dying by the 2 wolves but I eventually defeated it. And I think I got the true ending (is ending S the true ending?) at first try (in terms of getting endings other than game over) since I already got to access the bonus room, which was nice btw. I'll try to get the other endings since it said in the bonus room that Lenora's age is a teen but grows up into an adult in certain endings, and I'm curious for that.

Quick question: how many endings are there? and how to crawl since it said in the description that there is a crawl toggle mechanic, or is it just the walk and run thing?

Fun game to take around a hour of your time


On the cover picture that you clicked on to get to this page, is she actually that thicc or is that just a dress? I really have no clue.

'Genuine Question'



Probably the dress since it looks like the wind is just flowing(?) lifting(?) (idk the exact words, but you get what I mean right?) her dress, like she just ascended from the sky.

Hey, the download is a document not a zip for me D: what do I need to do?

im having the same issue :\

Hey! I got it after a while, instead you didnt figure it out yet, the download being a document isnt an issue, you can download it like that (with popups enabled ) and use a .rar opener to open it (I used Breezip ), after that go on setup in the file, and itll download

This game looks amazing and the story seems really interesting, But for some reason whenever I open it it says the file is missing and I need to reinstall it. And there's no download with the RTP. Can someone please give me a solution?


Oh my goodness this game was incredible! I fell in love with the graphics and the storyline is wonderful! ^-^


Pink and cute I love it wow <3

Hey to install this game i need some sort or rar zip opener.could you recommend some safe ones since a lot of the ones I've come across are security risks.thanks cant wait to play!

Hello! Try WinRAR! It has an official website so just make sure to download from there. It has a paid and free version, but you can pretty much use the free version forever.

There will just be a small window that pops up every time you use the program when the 30-day trial ends. You can just close it.

thanks i appreciate it

just played this on twitch today with my boyfriend and i loved it! here is the broadcast on youtube :)

Hello! I'm super interested in playing this game and plan on livestreaming it on my channel :D Would it be okay to monetize the stream? (I will play it regardless because this game looks absolutely stunning!)

Hi! I was wondering if the game would ever be released for IOS anytime in the future? Because i'm dying to play this! :)

Honestly, this game is so beautiful, the colors and atmosphere tie it all together quite nicely, not to mention the art style is amazing as well. I didn't expect to get so invested into the story, but I found myself playing to get all the endings, the characters are likable and the story has that fairytale-esque twist in the end that compliments the game nicely. Overall this game is really good! I certainly recommend playing it!

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When I downloaded the file there was no Read Me or rpg_rt.exe files. And when I set it up, it says the installation is complete, but I can't find the game anywhere on my laptop.

EDIT: Nevermind, I was installing the files to the wrong user ^_^'

I love how this came with instructions and that's really helpful I also love the game but the first time I ended up with ending E but I loved it so much keep up the great work

I just played through the game, it was neat little experience. The beginning was quite challenging until I finally used my resorts more sparingly. I liked the progress of power Lenora goes through as the game goes on, where the hunted becomes the hunter. I thought the grandma would have been the true villain but that would be too cliche.

Just finished playing through this and got the S ending. This is such a gem, was a joy to play! Beautiful music, art-style, and the story was lovely. Thanks.

HOW COME EVERY SHORT STORY I FIND TAKES SOO MUCH STORAGE?! Buuut I liked it very much! The colors fits the atmosphere and I love the art!


Wow.  Just... wow. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started playing this game, but it left me pleasantly surprised. I loved the music, the art, the effects, and most especially: the story. I just found it completely amazing, and I like that I got Ending S on this 1st run. And all the endings are so... wow. 

I loved this. It is amazing.


can you please make a Mac book version, this game looks fun.


Agreed! I would love to play this game but I only have a mac :(

I am trying to download this using the itch.io app, and I cannot seem to get it to work.

It just immediately goes to install and then cancels.

idk what to do

help plez


You cannot use the itch.io app because the game is hosted on a different website; you will have to download it manually through the website. The game is also not compatible with mobile phones.

Just an update, the itchio app works fine now and no longer has an external file host thing ;)

Very late reply, but hopefully this helps somebody in the future:

I still had a hiccup launching after installing with the itch.io app where I got a "The requested operation requires escalation" error.

This is probably more of a workaround, but running the setup.exe manually to install the game files into the same folder, and then removing setup.exe made it work with the app.  Removing setup.exe afterward was important because otherwise it would keep trying to run that as the game.


I really like this game and I think it is beautiful <3

also, I have a question.

Which game-making engine did you use to make it?

I think it is RPG maker 2003 but I'm not sure

rpg maker 2003 is what they say on their user page, yep

Love Huntress of Hollow. Will there ever be a spin-off or another game?

I downloaded the game, but I don't know how to unzip it. For some reason it just keeps opening in "EndNote".

When I downloaded games in the past, I usually right-click and go to extract all to move it to another folder, but that option doesn't come up for some reason :(

I really want to play this game too, the design really intrigues me.

It might be an issue with your computer settings, it sounds like. The game files are .rar, so make sure your computer can unzip .rar files, or make sure the program you're using is capable of doing it. If not, I suggest using WinRar to unzip it!

Thanks for the help! I tried downloading other games, and it's happening with all of them, so I think it must be something with my own computer.  I'm sure I'll figure out something!

this is an awesome game! them plot twists tho

This is just amazing according to the reviews,I personally think it is amazing too,one problem. I can't download it. Whenever I try too,it just never starts downloading.


Hey ! I had the same problem, you need to check your browser parameters, and allow the pop-up pages ! Have a nice day !

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